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Client services ......  
  Valuation Madedor + Co provide valuation services. We provide asset valuations for balance sheet purpose, insurance, taxation and rating, open market value, and compensation for oil spills and right of way acquisitions. At Madedor + Co we also provide Plant and machinery valuation.
  Feasibility In Nigeria, property has traditional been the investment of choice for private individuals and commercial establishments. With aqisition or developemnt of real estate requiring a sustantial investment, it is important that the right real estate investment is made. Madedor + Co can provide feasibility and appraisals of real estate oportunities to enable prospective investors to make the right property investment.
  Facility Management At Madedor +Co we provide facility management services. Our services include management of housing estates and commercial buildings. Our services cover but not limited to mechanical and electrical services of the properties being managed by us. You can be assured that Madedor + Co will keep your property in good condition thereby maintaining the value of your real estate investment.
  Project management Project management of real estate developments is a service we provide at Madedor + Co. We will mangage the project during the construction works to project closure in addition to during the feasibility and design stages.
  Facility acquisition, office relocation, modernisation and conversions. We provide an all encompassing service to prospective investors who may want to acquire and redevelop a property asset. We can advice on acquisition of commercial or residential assets and provide design services to enable the asset to be modernised or converted in term to use. Madedor + Co can aslo assist you with office and residential relocation.
  Man power development and planning Training of personnel to improve productivity and enable acquisition of new skills is a services we provide to our clients. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  Building surveys Acquisition of property assets can be daunting experience and an investor needs to be certain of the condition of the property before acquiring it. We provide building survey services to determine the condition of property assets thereby giving the investor a clearer view of their investment in a detailed survey report.