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Residential - Ikoyi ....  
  Ikoyi is considered by many to be the most desirable residential location in Lagos due to its wide range of quality properties. Ikoyi offers a wide range of residential properties within reach of local amenities.
Ikoyi is the location of Ikoyi Club 1938 where a game of tennis or squash can be enjoyed in addition to swimming in one of its two large pools. Ikoyi Club's excellent golf course is quite popular with the expatriate community.
With good hotels such as Southern Sun and Moorehouse coupled with good schools such as St Saviour's and Corona and its other local amenities, Ikoyi presents a location that cannot be overlooked as an ideal residential choice. With all it has to offer, it is probably no surprise that Ikoyi is generally more sought after as a first choice residential location by locals and the expariate community.


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